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Conveyor Parts/ Uses

Conveyor Belt Sway Switch

Belt Sway Switch is a protective switch for detecting the meandering (sway or deviation) of belt conveyors, and automatically sends out an alarm signal and an emergency stop signal once belt conveyors occur any sway or deviation.

Working Principle
When the meandering (sway or deviation) happens during the operation of belt conveyor, belt conveyors will touch the touch roller and make the touch roller meandering (sway or deviation),

  1. If the touch roller deflection angle is up to 1 level switch angle, the switch will send out an alarm signal. When the belt conveyors meandering (sway or deviation) seriously and is up to level switch angle ,the switch will send out an emergency stop signal then the belt conveyors will stop automatically because of the meandering fault. After finishing the troubleshooting process, the belt conveyors will normal operation, and then the touch roller will realized automatic reset and return to the original state.

Installation and Adjustment

  1. The Belt Sway Switch can be mounted along the belt conveyors on the two sides, touch rollers should be perpendicular to the surface of belt conveyors and make the two sides of belt conveyors located in the 1/3 height of the touch rollers.

  1. The optimum spacing between the touch rollers and the normal position of the belt conveyors is 50~100mm.

  1. The conveyor length, type and the installation will decide the use quantity of belt sway switch. Belt sway switch generally mounted on the head section, tail section, convex curved section, concave curved section of the belt conveyor or mounted on the middle section of the belt conveyor. (Note: If the belt conveyor is longer, belt sway switch can be mounted on the middle section of the belt conveyor and each 30~35m can be installed one.

  1. Belt sway switch should be contact with the belt conveyor’s intermediate frame via mounting bracket, switch bracket should welding with the belt conveyor frame after finishing the installation of the belt conveyor, belt sway switch and belt sway switch bracket should fixed with bolt.


2 level belt sway switch is widely used in the normal belt conveyor: underground, ropeway supporting belt conveyor: ship handing system; stacking/feeding conveyor, inclined and shuttle conveyor, crane, excavator, booms stopper: apron feeder/conveyor: heavy duty limit switch is a protective switch for detecting the meandering (sway or deviation) of belt conveyors, and automatically sends out an alarm signal and an emergency stop signal. It is widely used in metallurgy, coal, cement mining, electricity, port chemicals and other fields.

Conveyor Belt Pull Cord Switch

Application :

Pull cord switch also known as Rope Operated Emergency switch is used as a safety switch to stop the conveyor belt in case of an emergency.It is also known as pull switch cord

Construction :

As These switches are used as safety or emergency switch , It is not operated very frequently therefore construction of these switch is such that it should be operated immediately though it kept idle for long time .Pull cord switch is housed in dust and weatherproof enclosure with IP65 grade of protection. Sturdy and heavy-duty cam-Switch with robust contacts is used to give longer service life. Operating handle fitted with spring steel rings at both ends for fixing the rope. The design of the rings gives maximum flexibility in operating condition. Enclosure is epoxy painted to give high corrosion resistance. The switch is designed with manual reset type of mechanism.


Pull cord switch is mounted on the walkway side of the conveyor belt, preferably at about every 20-25 meters. When the rope is pulled from any side. The switch get operated . Unless and until the handle is reset to normal position manually, the switch remains in operated condition.Pull Rope switch All the Pull Cord Switches installed along an individual belt are electrically wired in series and connected to the control station by a two core cable. Therefore actuation of any one of these Pull Cord Switches will stop the concerned conveyor until the particular switch is manually reset.