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Mobile Assembly Line Conveyors

Mobile Phone Assembly Line Conveyors

We “HS ENGINEERS” manufactures & supplies wide range of customized Assembly Conveyors for Assembly Lines of mobile phones, tablets, phablets in India.

The Assembly Line conveyors mainly consist of the following two type of configurations:

  • Center belt with both side working platforms
  • Both side belts with working platforms on the outer side of both belts
  • Custom type configuration will also be provided based on client requirement.

Our Assembly Lines conveyors fabricated out of high quality Extruded Aluminium Sections (Hindalco or Equivalent Make)  for high quality finish.

Low cost Assembly Line Conveyor solutions are also present which are fabricated out of  Mild Steel .

The conveyor belt is PVC anti static and the side working tables have a high quality anti-static rubber mat or MICA on top. The operators are provided anti static wrist bands connected to a common grounding line. The Assembly Conveyor is complete with illumination, display board, sockets, storage bins, tool channels, pneumatic cleaning pipe lines.

Soldering stations on the lines are provided with suction hoods for safely sucking out the hazardous soldering fumes. Clean boths can be created on the Assembly Line for specialized dust free operations.

Many other customizations are available as per the needs of the application. Our products are ideally suited for Electronics Manufacturing Service providers & OEMs.

Please send us your requirements to receive a customized quotation for these Assembly Lines.

Assembly Line Conveyors in Delhi