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Vegetable Wash Conveyors

Fruits & Vegetable Washing Conveyors

Our Vegetable Washing Conveyors are having following characteristics:

  • Designed to properly clean and wash multiple fruits/vegetables like mango, tomato, litchi, apple, leafy vegetables etc.
  • The washing bed is fabricated out of best quality Stainless Steel 304, confirms to all sanitary norms.
  • The washer is designed to handle diverse types of fruits and vegetables without damaging the surface while thoroughly cleaning them.
  • Equipped with high pressurized blowing unit with blower air grids to produce strong water agitation which tumble washes different types of fruits & vegetables including leafy, root vegetable.
  • The fruits and vegetables are passed through water turbulence which thoroughly washes the dirt off them.
  • After the fruits and vegetables are washed, they are picked up by an uplift conveyor where it is again washed with secondary wash system fed by fresh water infeed.
  • Out feed conveyor fitted with a specially designed SS slats for conveying fruit/vegetable onto the next stage after washing.
  • Fitted with geared motor of designed capacity on take off conveyor with AC variable drive of make Danfoss/Siemens/Delta. This facilitates adjustment to various quantities/ batch being washed.
  • The washer is fitted with water re-circulation system with inbuilt filtration. This feature enables the water to be reused. It is fitted with 2 stage filtration system for cleaning of water of external mud, leaves and then the clean water is re- circulated back to the main wash tank.
Vegetable Washing Conveyors