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Rough Top Belt Conveyors

Rough Top Inclined Belt Conveyors

Rough Top Inclined Belt Conveyor with/without Side Guide. Rough Top are used if Inclination angle is greater where Antistatic Belt cannot provide enough friction coefficient to carry material without slipping. Rough Top Belt Conveyors are used to transport goods from ground floor to 2nd floor or a inter layer. For some warehouses and locations,it can also act as an stacker or a simple loading unloading conveyor. It is easy to combine with additional flat belt conveyor,motorized roller conveyor and flexible conveyors. This conveyor is movable on universal lockable wheels and can also fixed to certain place by expansion bolts.


Options available:

  • Two way operation forward and reverse
  • Variable speed from 10 to 20 m/min
  • Good load capacity of 50 kg per meter.
  • High grip anti-skid belt with more friction
  • Can be totally customized with different length, width, height, belt material and other functions
  • Easy to move around on heavy duty caster wheels (Johnson) with brakes
  • Easy to combine with other conveyors
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